Best Korean bbq in Strathfield?

I live in the area, but for some reason, I've never been to a Korean BBQ restaurant in Strathfield. I've been to a Korean BBQ, but not in Strathfield. It was Chatswood, and it was a few years ago. It was actually quite a drive to get there,…
cherry picking young nsw
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Cherry Picking in Young NSW

For someone who likes cherries more than any other fruit, it took me a long time to visit the mecca of cherry-picking - Young in NSW. It is a bit of a drive from Sydney; about 4 hours, but this time we combined the trip with a visit to a beach…
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Mushroom picking around Sydney – the season started

2021 Update 7 Apr 2021 - Jenolan Caves roads closed due to damage caused by the recent rains. They hope to reopen from April 19th. We'll be checking google maps before we go, and we'll definitely try these forests before the season ends…
best yum-cha in hurstville

Best Yum-Cha in Hurstville

Is this the best yum-cha in Hurstville? That's always subjective, but we voted with our feet, so It's a genuine opinion. We've come here more than the other places in Hurstville, so I am happy to conclude that Golden Sands is the best Yum-Cha…
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How I stopped myself snacking after dinner

I struggled to lose weight for a few months last year. I mean I was overweight for a few years, but I never struggled with it, I kind of liked it. 6 months ago everything changed and I had to lose weight because the lifestyle I led was slowly…
spinach and blueberry smoothie

Spinach and blueberry smoothie – first attempt

My first spinach and blueberry smoothie Tried my new blender yesterday. Just for a quick blueberry smoothie. It tasted great, but the main reason I bought that blender was to make healthy meals, not just fruit drinks. Spinach is supposed…

I bought a new blender today

After watching one of my favorite movies, American Beauty, I decided to buy a blender. Lester Burnham started drinking smoothies when he changed his lifestyle to be more healthy. I wasn't really persuaded by the character. I simply remembered…

Best Polish sausages in Sydney

No, I'm not a vegetarian. Far from it. I come from a country that is famous for it's smallgoods like sausages, smoked bacon, etc. I grew up on that stuff, and I enjoy it very much. Just came back from my favorite polish smallgoods store in…