2021 Update

7 Apr 2021 – Jenolan Caves roads closed due to damage caused by the recent rains. They hope to reopen from April 19th. We’ll be checking google maps before we go, and we’ll definitely try these forests before the season ends next month.

29 March 2021 –  Berrima had a lot of rain over the last week or so. And there are puddles of water in the forest. However, there are not many mushrooms. Actually, I think there were more people at the picnic ground than there were mushrooms 🙂 I invited a couple of families with small children and didn’t want them to be disappointed. They have never been in the forest, and probably never ate the food they picked up from the ground. In the end, I found 6 mushrooms. Milk Caps… This was actually a great achievement because when we asked around, most people just got 1 or 2. So, in conclusion… the season is not yet there. I will try again in a couple of weeks, but this time I think we’ll go to the Jenolan Caves region.

Ah… also, the rain killed the dirt road going to the picnic spot. Huge potholes everywhere. We had to drive extremely slowly.

28th Feb 2021 – No mushrooms as yet. Went to Berrima and unfortunately, the season has not started yet. It looked really dry too, so I don’t expect any mushrooms until we get a few days of a good soaking. Watching the weather now, but there’s been no rain in the last few days.

This site has the weather, including rainfall over the last 5 days. Berrima Weather

I have not been to the Jenolan Caves this year. Has anyone got any info from that area?

End of updates

I think the season for mushroom picking in NSW started. At the time of my writing, of course, which is March 23, 2018, not necessarily at the time of your reading, The weather was definitely helping the process. We’ve had rains in the last 4 days and it was very wet in the forest. This also offered some wonderful views on the way through the mountains. To get to the forest I had to cross the Blue Mountains, and this is what I saw on the way to Oberon.

What mushrooms to collect in the pine forest

There are only 2 types of mushrooms that I collect in the pine forests of NSW. It’s the Saffron Milk Cap and Slippery Jack. I have picked and eaten these all my life and I’m confident that they are edible. I would not touch any other mushrooms, but some of them are really good to look at.

mushroom picking nsw

Saffron Milk Cap – Distinctly orange

mushroom picking oberon nsw

Slippery Jack with the yellow spongy belly

Saffron Milk Caps in NSW foresta

Saffron Milk Caps – when the time is right – they’re everywhere


mushroom picking sydney

This is what you get after 30 minutes. Almost too easy

The fairy tale mushrooms are beautiful to look at but they are poisonous, so better just to look and photograph. They are practically everywhere. Easily distinguishable from the edible ones, so there is no danger of mistaking them for food.

Mushroom foraging in Sydney - Toadstool - Fly Agaric Fly Agaric -Toadstool mushroom in Sydney Forest

What to bring to the forest to pick mushrooms

  • A small sharp knife. We don’t pull mushrooms from the forest floor. Cut them off, leave the roots in the ground.
  • A basket or a bag. Preferably not a plastic bag as they may not survive the trip home.
  • Good walking shoes, long tight socks, a hat, a poncho for the rain. It’s also great to ward off the leeches. Oh… come on! You’re in a forest! Where is your sense of adventure?
  • Picnic table, and cooking gear
  • Outdoor chairs; table can be very useful
  • A gas burner. Frying pan. Butter, salt, bread, wine…
  • Don’t forget the wine
  • A large garbage bag

We used to go mushroom picking to the forest when we were young. People in Europe still do that. It’s an autumn tradition. It’s never really to find food anymore. 100 years ago it was a necessity, but these days it’s just nice to go back to nature and enjoy what it has to offer. The forest was always this dark and scary place, but full of so many wonderful things. Little animals,  birds, blueberries, and blackberries.

I must correct what I said that mushroom picking is just for fun, and not for food. Last year we pickled 12 jars of these mushrooms and we are now on the last jar. If we find enough of them this season we’ll definitely do that again. They are so easy to do and they last for months. Perhaps years, but they never lasted that long in our house.. 🙂

Where to go for mushroom picking around Sydney

There are 2 places, driving distance from Sydney, that are great for mushroom picking. One is in the Belanglo State Forest, southwest of Sydney. About 140km away. It’s an easy drive, mainly on a freeway, so it will be less than 2 hours to get there. They have a nice picnic area there and there is a pond full of yabbies, which are fun to catch and make an enjoyable lunch. This is also very close to the historic town of Berrima. Definitely worth a visit, even just to stroll down the street and enjoy the autumn colors.

Another place to pick mushrooms close to Sydney is west, over the mountains. Close to the town of Oberon and Jenolan Caves. It’s probably a similar distance from Sydney and also mainly on a freeway, so getting there is not an issue, and there is no need for a 4 wheel drive.

I guess these mushrooms can be found in any pine forest. If the pines can grow there, so can the mushrooms.

mushroom picking nsw

Kangaroos are much more common in the forest, but we also saw this family of deer

blackberries in the forest NSW

A bonus – a lot of blackberries which are also in season now

Blackberries in NSW forest

The berries are also everywhere

How do we cook the Saffron Milk Caps

I’m not much of a cook, but to prepare these is not a difficult task. I usually just wash them, cut in 1cm slices, and fry them on a pan. Add some butter at the end, some garlic. A piece of bread to have with the sauce. We usually cook them right in the forest. Just need a pan and a gas cooker. It was raining yesterday, so I took them home and fried them in my kitchen.

The best way, however, to enjoy these mushrooms is to pickle them. That way we can enjoy them all year round. There are plenty of recipes on Google and YouTube, how to do it.


There is an abundance of mushrooms in the forest around Oberon. You can see them even from the car. Growing even in the middle of the little forest road. They looked fantastic.

mushroom picking oberon nsw

The forest is full of mushrooms now. These are not edible, but they do look great.

The season for mushroom picking in NSW is from about now, late March, till early May. It all depends on the weather, of course. If it gets too cold, they will not survive. I’m planning to make a couple more trips to the forest this season. Hopefully, the weather will be a bit kinder for me, not just to the mushrooms, and I can enjoy a picnic in the forest and a great mushroom feast.


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  1. Jay
    Jay says:

    Went a couple of days ago.
    Found a great spot too. Full of mushrooms and it looked like a tropical rain forest because of the rain. Very rich colors. Must bring a proper camera next time.

  2. Lily
    Lily says:

    Its been really warm in Sydney recently so I haven’t decided to start foraging yet. Do you think the next few weeks will still be abundant in mushrooms though, given the warmer weather here in Sydney?

    • Jay
      Jay says:

      Hi Lily, I think if you go in April you’ll still find a lot of mushrooms. Check the weather in Oberon or Berrima and pick a weekend after a decent rain; especially if you’re after slippery Jacks. For the Milk Caps it doesn’t matter as much. I’m definitely planning to make at least one more trip this season.

    • Jay
      Jay says:

      There may still be some mushrooms in the forests, but March and April is the season. It’s still nice to walk in the forest, but if getting mushrooms is your main reason to go, I wouldn’t.. 🙂


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