Learn golf later in life

Learn to play golf later in life

I decided to learn to play golf later in life. For a person over…

Getting ready for my first golf competition

I think I'm ready to step up and be judged; ridiculed or encouraged,…
golf swing over-rotation

Swing over-rotating and hips rotation

I am over-rotating my swing. I kept looking at my swing trying…

Proper golf swing sequence

Here is a proper golf swing sequence we must follow to achieve…

6 out of 10 with 52 wedge

I practiced all day today. Well, not all day, but a few hours.…
my golf swing evolution video

My golf swing evolution - 2017-09

First ever recording of my golf swing. I decided to put it on…

Enjoying golf practice at sunset

I like practicing at my club close to sunset. There is almost…

How can you tell that you played poorly if you don't have a handicap?

The other day I was resting near the first tee after I played…