6 out of 10 with 52 wedge

I practiced all day today. Well, not all day, but a few hours.…
my golf swing evolution video

My golf swing evolution - 2017-09

First ever recording of my golf swing. I decided to put it on…

Enjoying golf practice at sunset

I like practicing at my club close to sunset. There is almost…

How can you tell that you played poorly if you don't have a handicap?

The other day I was resting near the first tee after I played…

More YouTube golf teaching nonsense

I watched a video from one of the top golf YouTubers on the matter…

Over the top swing - I learned why I'm doing it and found a fix

I must have watched every single YouTube video there is on the…

I know why I am lifting my head in back swing - the posture

I found another obvious reason why I am lifting my head in back…
Wilson golf wedge

My new Wilson lob wedge

I paid 17 times more for my new Titleist Vokey SM6 wedges than…
golf pitch fork

Used a golf pitch fork for the first time - ever

No, I have hit greens before, but I never had to use the pitch…