How can you tell that you played poorly if you don't have a handicap?

The other day I was resting near the first tee after I played a few holes, when another golfer approached. We greeted then exchanged a bit of small talk which went something like that: Other golfer: How did you go? Me: Not very well.…

More YouTube golf teaching nonsense

I watched a video from one of the top golf YouTubers on the matter of swinging 'over the top'. This guy is like the YouTube golf royalty. Just signed a big deal with a famous golf club manufacturer, so he's not just a wannabe youtuber. His explanation…
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Over the top swing - I learned why I'm doing it and found a fix

I must have watched every single YouTube video there is on the subject and apart from 1, all of them are complete rubbish. They come up with these complicated explanations as to why we swing over the top, and they all promise to "cure the over…
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I know why I am lifting my head in back swing - the posture

I found another obvious reason why I am lifting my head in back swing. I'ts my posture! Went to a driving range today. I like the nets, and I can judge whether I am hitting the ball well, but I don't get to see the actual flight. And today…
Wilson golf wedge
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My new Wilson lob wedge

I paid 17 times more for my new Titleist Vokey SM6 wedges than my Wilson lob wedge. I'm no expert, but I don't think they play 17 times better. In fact, I don't think they play any better at all. I hit as many crappy shots with the new Vokey…
golf pitch fork
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Used a golf pitch fork for the first time - ever

No, I have hit greens before, but I never had to use the pitch fork because my balls never made a pitch mark on the green. The greens at our golf club are really dry. Plus they are in Sydney, so we don't see that much rain here. Today, however…
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Great round of golf to welcome new year

The golf course was completely abandoned today. I thought it was closed, but apparently open, just not popular on January 1st. I spent some time at the nets to practice the "lifting of the head" fix. It worked to some degree, but I'm still not…
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I'm lifting my head in the backswing- I may have found a fix

I am not completely against video analysis. In fact I've been recording my progress for a while now. What I don't like is picking apart my swing into the tiniest of parts and trying to find drills to "correct" those one by one. I get it, best…
Titleist 718 AP2 irons

What golf irons should I get?

What golf irons should I get? Well, that is a question and a half. I started my search for better irons when I realised that I can hit the ball properly, every now and then. Actually, it was even sooner than that. It was when I realised that…