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Swing over-rotating and hips rotation

I am over-rotating my swing. I kept looking at my swing trying to work out what the hell am I doing wrong. Finally worked out that I’m turning my hips way too much.

I think for that kind of stuff a visit to a golf pro would be more economical as they should be able to point that fault much quicker. Well, I had a few lessons and he never mentioned that. Maybe I had much worse issues with my swing, so he left the over-rotation of my back swing to lesson number 47.

golf swing over-rotation

This is me at the top of my swing

When I watch myself in slow motion I can see that I’m over-reaching at the last moment and with that completely changing my swing plane. It’s a little miracle that I’m getting back to my ball and hitting it reasonably square.

And I am hitting it much better now. I practiced on the 12th hole the other day. Shot from about 100m to a very elevated green. Decided to hit balls until I miss the green. Ended up with 13 balls on the green and the last one about 2m before the green as I hit it a bit fat. I was very pleased with that result.

But back to my over-reaching. I could tell that I’m not swinging properly, just could not point a finger on it. I thought I slouch too much, or I turn my head towards the target too much, causing my swing to lift my head. These 2 are real issues, but they are not the main ones.

The main issue was always staring me in the face. I rotate my hips WAY too much. Keep remembering the lessons I heard somewhere, to rotate the hips, and I do.

The point is, I may initiate the down swing with my hips, but I do not rotate them in the back swing. I rotate my arms that are holding the club, the rotation of the hips just happens naturally as a result.

I heard people describe this issue as calming of the lower body, calming of the hips. It all makes sense. I will try to practice my back-swing without consciously rotating my hips. Just my upper body. Going to the nets now…

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