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Over the top swing – I learned why I’m doing it and found a fix

I must have watched every single YouTube video there is on the subject and apart from 1, all of them are complete rubbish. They come up with these complicated explanations as to why we swing over the top, and they all promise to “cure the over the top swing” for ever. All you have to do is to do a few strange drills, buy a gadget or 2 or subscribe to a paid chanel to really learn how to swing a golf club. All these instructions, these drills that I found on the internet are an utter and complete nonsense.

The best explanation of the “over the top swing” that I found is this:

We swing over the top because we are trying to hit the ball. Because the ball is our target! When my coach tells me to hit the ball, I hit the ball. I stand over the ball with a club in my hand, I take a swing at it and “over the top” is the easiest and most natural way to hit the ball! Period!

However, the goal of the golf swing is NOT to hit the ball. It is to launch the ball in the direction of a specific target. The green or middle of the fairway in the distance. That is why we swing the club.

You may think that this is obvious. That this is nothing new. If that were true, then why 90% of amateur golfers swing over the top? We all swing over the top because our target is the ball.

When I want to hit a tennis ball I do not just swing a racquet at it and hope to hit it. That is not the point. I am selecting a point on the court somewhere in the corner, then I position myself in such a way as to hit the ball into that corner.

If we can play tennis and manage to send the ball in a desired spot, golf should be easier. The golf ball is just lying there, still. A tennis ball is flying towards us at a great speed.

Pick a target where we want to golf ball to end and then swing at it to SEND it in that direction.

over the top golf swing

Left – Ball is the target. Right – The green is the target

THAT was my light bulb moment in golf. That is when I understood what the swing is supposed to feel and look like. My coach tried to adjust my swing to correct the issue. We tried many things, alignment sticks, gloves under arms, direction guides. There are dozens of golf aids that promise to cure the over the top swing as well.

Our mind is rejecting all of them, because all these corrections are just unnatural. Our mind wants to hit the ball, but we try to go about it in some weird and unusual ways. This will never work. We need to tell our mind to launch the ball into a target. THEN our mind will say, sure, I know what to do now. No problem.

When Jack Nicholson prepared for a swing, he explained; he went behind the ball, looked into the distance, then he chose a spot on the grass, be it a piece of dirt, a different color blade of grass, which was about half a meter away from the ball but in the exact direction of his target. That was his intermediate point. Something he can see when he’s looking at the ball, as he can’t see the target when he takes a back swing. That was his little secret. He never swung a golf club without that intermediate spot and without a very specific target for the golf ball. Seve Ballesteros also mentioned this intermittent target point in his old instruction videos from some 20 years ago.

Swing the club to launch the ball in the direction of a target. Do NOT just swing the club to hit the ball. That is the little mantra that I tell myself every time I lift the club. I still forget sometimes, black out and revert to my usual crappy ways, but every time I remember it I hit the ball infinitely better.

I practice throwing the club into a target as well. Another great way to discover what a golf swing is supposed to feel like. Something no coach has ever mentioned. Like it’s a great secret or something. Pick a spot on the grass 20m away from you and swing the club to land there. If you’ve never done it, be careful because the club may go anywhere.

If you’ve been playing golf for 40 years at your local golf club, and the throwing of the club feels very strange to you, it just means that you never swung the golf club properly. That’s all. 🙂 I felt that first time I threw my club. It felt weird, but then I looked at myself and I was standing in a PERFECT follow through golf position. Eureca.

Oh, if you want to know the 1 YouTuber i got this tip from and who is responsible for my understanding of golf, message me.

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