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Golf swing practice at the nets

There is a point to practicing a golf swing at the nets if I know exactly what I’m practicing and what I’m trying to achieve. There is no point just going there to smack a few dozen balls into the net. It may be good for my cardio, but makes no difference to my swing.

Today I went there to practice a few very specific things that I find to be the main issues with my golf swing.

  • Calming down my hips
  • Kick left before a swing, like a pendulum
  • Use gravity at the top of the swing
  • Start the swing slowly and accelerate at the lower part
  • Keep the target on my mind at all time. Not the ball, the spot in the distance I want to send the ball to

Nets at my golf club

There are not that many things to remember and I am getting much better at executing them very well. My swing becomes much more consistent that way. I can’t really see the result of my swing when at the nets, but I can feel the strike and determine from that how well I struck the ball.

Today I was really happy with my swing. I practiced with my 4 hybrid for a while, but also took out my driver. Practiced the gravity part especially. I tend to try muscle the driver from the top to get the best, or the hardest strike. Today I relaxed. It’s almost like I have to tell myself to chill. Let the driver get to the ball on it’s own. I just guide it with my arms.

The results were amazing. I was hitting the ball what sounded like quite well and hard. Used maybe 100 balls of the slowed down version of my driver swing and rushed to the golf course to try it out.

I always get nervous on the first tea, but today I still remembered the feeling from the nets and swung properly. What a difference! I hit probably the straightest and longest drive ever on the golf course. Splitting the fairway and landing about 50 yards from the green. That’s about 260m, and I knew that I had plenty of strength left in reserve.

I started walking then. Usually I shoot a couple of drives, but this time I was so happy with the distance and the accuracy I didn’t want to spoil it with a crappy next shot.

I took the driver out again on the 4th. Hit a little left of the fairway, not even 5m from the green. For me that is a great day. I stuffed up and lost a ball on the 5th. It went into the water when I shot with the 5 iron. Then on the 6th, the 160m but elevated about 40m I shot 2 balls onto the green with my 4 hybrid.

That was a very happy day for me. I didn’t make 10,000 steps, but I shot some really impressive golf today and my swing felt amazing. I think I am getting there. I made a couple of mistakes, but shot 4 pars today, out of 6 holes. I putted for a birdie 4 out of 6 holes today. I’m happy. Now … need to start practicing putting.

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