I will teach myself golf

Why will I teach myself golf? Because the coaches I know don’t teach golf. They use track monitors and high speed cameras to find faults in our swing, but no one actually teaches how to swing.

I have a good idea what the swing is supposed to look and feel like. I studied the drills and analogies and they all make perfect sense to me now. It’s like any other sport. It takes time to get good. I believe I have good fundamentals, I just need to practice.

We are always taught to practice, but what I see on the golf ranges is people practicing the wrong things. They manipulate the swing, trying to find the right angles, shifting body at the wrong time. The swings people practice just look awkward. I will practice every day, but I will practice the natural swing. Just like I practiced badminton and tennis before. I was able to learn these sports with no outside help. And I can do that with golf as well.

I feel quite happy with my progress. Well, It’s only been a few weeks since I had my lightbulb moment, but I’ve progressed a long way. Today I was mainly using the 7 iron and the wedges. The golf course was almost empty so I had plenty of time to shoot balls onto the green. Still making a lot of mistakes, but I’m also making a lot of great shots.

Last week, I drove the first hole 262 meters. That’s over 280 yards. I was hoping to one day be able to get to that level, but not after 3 weeks. Of course, I am not consistent. I make more bad shots than I do good, but just the knowledge that I’m capable of driving that far makes me very happy. And it gives me hope.

Tomorrow I’m only taking the 7 iron. Will do the course with just one club. No putting. I can practice putting on our practice green. Seve Ballesteros learned golf by practicing with just an old 3 iron club. I watched one of his old videos on YouTube the other day. He was probably the most graceful hitter of the golf ball that ever lived. Amazing stuff.

My golf was supposed to be a way to make 10,000 steps every day and regain a bit of my fitness, but it turned into a bit of an obsession. If I don’t play golf, which I do every day, btw, I watch the old masters. I re-watch the videos of my favorite golf YouTuber and practice putting in my living room. I’m also able to bounce a golf ball on my wedge 65 times. Apparently all good golfers can do that. 🙂

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