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My new golf wedges arrived

I don’t think for a minute that they made a huge difference in my shots. I am still so inconsistent in my swing that any type of improvement can’t actually be measured. I am enjoying hitting them, and that is a good thing. They are new and shiny, and I think I make much more of an effort when I hit them, than with my old wedges.

My golf club is not that busy during the week, so I have plenty of time to practice when no one’s around. We do have a practice green, with chipping area, but just like most greens on this golf course, they are elevated. I can’t see the ball as it hits the green from the designated practice chipping area. Kind of defeats the purpose of a practice green if I can’t see it when I hit the ball.

For that reason I use the 5th green. It’s great for that. I can see if perfectly, as it’s level with the fairway. It has a couple of bunkers as well, so I can practice hitting from the sand. I practice pitching from about 50m, just over a bunker, and chipping in front of the bunker from about 20m.

titleist vokey golf wedges vm6I really enjoy hitting the new Titleist Vokey SM6. They just feel right, they look great, and I’m getting really good results. Out of 10 balls that I use to practice I get about half of them on the green when I pitch from 50m and usually all of them when I chip, some very close to the hole. I don’t expect great results from just a few practice sessions, but I can feel the improvement already. I try to shoot about 100 balls each practice session. It’s not many but I don’t want to overdo it and get bored with the process.

I have to use my wedges up to about 110m which is my length of my pitching wedge. My 52 can probably do about 75m and the 58 very little, maybe 50 on a full swing. I need to practice to control the distance and fill the gaps with different strength of swings.

I use 3 wedges in my bag, the 58, 52 and pitching wedge which is 44deg. I chose the 3 wedge system because apparently there are no actual rules, and I think I will have enough to cover the distances. Plus it’s cheaper that way. 🙂 I can always get another wedge once I feel that my game needs it. At the moment my game needs consistency, not more wedges.

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