What is my golf handicap

What a weird question. Is there a badminton handicap, or tennis? Maybe there are, I just never heard of them and they would certainly not be as commonly used terms as a golf handicap.

It’s like asking, how defective are you when you play golf? F… off. I don’t want pity, or help. If I shoot 20 over par then it’s 20 over par. Done. Why do I need to use this silly scoring system? 

You shot 20 over par, but we understand that you’re useless on a golf course, so you will get a trophy anyway. WTF? It’s like getting a participation trophy. Apparently so common in schools in the last few years. How embarrassing for the kid who has to walk up to the teacher to receive proof that he or she is crap at something. Cringe.

Same with golf. If I shoot 20 over, and it is 2 less than last week, I’m great. At the moment I’m really only competing with myself. And if I am to compete against others, I want it done on the level playing field. By assigning this magical handicap number of 20, I am suddenly supposed to feel as if I beat the guy who shot 1 over par? Ridiculous. I would not collect a trophy for that.

golf handicapMy local golf pro asked me if I have a handicap and if I want to participate in the Saturday championships. I told him that I don’t have a handicap and do I really need one to take part? It’s not a posh golf club with too many silly rules, so, apparently, I can still play, even without the official handicap.

I am not ready to play yet. I have a long way to go before I’m competitive enough to play a real game. I am only just practicing. Rarely finish the whole course. Try to practice my driving, or chipping on 1 green. I’m not interested in my final score. Maybe it’s because I am very competitive. I hate losing, and I hate sucking at anything. And at the moment I still suck at golf. I’ll sign up for a Saturday game when I’m able to shoot the golf course in about par. Next year some time. 🙂

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