Professional Tinder Photos – Sydney

Online Dating Photos – Sydney

Yes, you do need good photos in your online dating profile. There is real competition out there. You can get away with posting a few selfies, but if you really want to make a good first impression, you need something better.

I am a professional portrait photographer

I’ve been shooting online dating portraits in Sydney for almost 10 years, so I’ve done quite a few of these. If you’ve never been photographed before, don’t worry. I will direct you, give you a hand with wardrobe choices, show you poses that will make you look good. I will make the session as painless as possible and you may actually enjoy the experience.

How does it work?

The first thing that I do when we meet for the shoot, is to discuss your outfits and give you a few general ideas about posing. You’ll be surprised how little it takes to transform an awkwardly looking pose into a cool one.

I will guide you as I shoot around 300 images for each hour of the shoot, in different poses and locations. Part of the session is usually shot in an urban area and part in a leafy area or a park. My online dating portraits will show you in a casual and natural way. I want these images to look like they were taken by a good friend of yours, who has a very good camera, and knows how to use it …

The location of the shoot is not the most important thing. What I capture is you. Your smile, your eyes, your facial expressions. These things make a good portrait. We will walk around and shoot in different spots for variety, but it makes no difference where you stand, as I make the background blurry anyway.

I take photos in the Strathfield area which has a few good parks and sporting grounds and a couple of urban places that are not very busy. I am also close to Bicentennial Park, which offers extra variety to the images.

After the shoot, I’ll select all good images from the session and you will get them electronically transferred within a couple of days. Even the next day if you’re in a hurry. You will have a number of headshots, half, and full-body pictures, and you can use them not only on your dating profile but update your Facebook or LinkedIn profiles as well. You will get all the good photos from the shoot. I don’t limit the number of images I deliver.

Let me know what online dating website you are using and we can shoot images best suited for that website. Tinder photos will have a slightly different look than eHarmony or Rsvp. Most importantly, don’t worry about the session. It will be fun.

Online Dating Photos Pricing

Option – 1

This session will give you time to relax in front of the camera and a good variety of photos

  • 1 hours session
  • 2-3 outfits
  • All good images from the shoot (40+)


Option – 2

A relaxed session with plenty of time to get used to being photographed. Variety of outfits, locations, and a lot of good images

  • 2 hours session
  • 4+ outfits
  • Choice of location
  • All good images from the shoot (80+)
  • For those who prefer more time to get comfortable in front of the camera


If you have any questions, please email me. I am happy to guide you through the process.

Frequently Asked Questions

I am based in the Strathfield area, so most of my shoots will be done in or very close to Strathfield

We will start in a park, so there will be very few people around us. However, you will want some variety in your pictures, so we should not have every picture with trees and grass in the background. Strathfield has a few places where the light and background are nice, but it’s often busy with people. There is a small shopping area close to Strathfield where we can still have an urban look, but not be ogled by too many bystanders.

We want different looks to your pictures for authenticity, so we should shoot in different places. The thing is, I will show you all the poses and teach you what to do in the park, with no one around. When we get to the city area, you will be like a pro… and we just need a few minutes to capture a few great shots in the urban location.

I will need a $150 deposit to confirm the session. This just tells me that you’re serious about the shoot. And I will be happy to hold the agreed date for you.

The rest of the price will need to be settled on the day of the shoot.

Absolutely. You can have pictures with your dog. You can have pictures with a football or a cricket bat. Anything that may help to describe you. Who you are and what you like. A book is also a popular “prop” as well during an online dating shoot.