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I’ve been shooting photos for online dating websites for almost 10 years now. Started when online dating was still taboo among most people. I always relied on my ability to pose people well, to get great results. That, of course, still applies, but I had a customer the other day that may have given me […]

Only by chance a few weeks ago I noticed something about my golf swing. I realised that I am manipulating the swing into the ball. What I mean is that as I’m swinging, my hands work extra hard to guide the golf club into the ball. This is not right. I think that once the […]

I’ve been doing boudoir photography for a few years now. Initially, it was meant to supplement my wedding and family photography jobs, but recently it became the main job rather than a side job. I still do family photography, but that type of photography has become oversaturated with photographers of all skill levels. This has […]

Poznan is only about 150km from my Polish home. Not even 2 hours drive, but I have never been there. I remember stepping out onto a train ramp on the way to Warsaw, but never been there purposely. I guess there was never a need for it, and 150km sounds like a lot in Poland. […]