Raczyński Palace in Rogalin – August 2019

The Raczynski Palace in Rogalin was the first stop on a very busy day schedule which included Gniezno as well as the Archeological Museum in Biskupin. I didn’t know anything about the palace apart from the fact that it was listed in the top 100 places to visit in Poland. My main interest on that day was the museum in Biskupin, but since the palace was on the way from Poznan, kind of, I went there to tick the box. And I’m really glad I did.

The palace is located about 30km south of Poznan in the village Rogalin. It was built between 1768-1773 for Kazimierz Raczynski, a Polish aristocrat and notable figure in Polish history. The last descendant of the family, who was also the last Polish president in exile, left the estate to the Polish nation. A museum was established after 1991 and is now open to visitors all year round.

I got there even before the Palace opened for visitors and was able to take a few pictures with no one in the frame, and at 10am I booked myself for a tour of the palace. I don’t remember how much I paid for the ticket, but I think it was around 30pln (7$). The tour was about 1h and concentrated on the Raczynski family and the history of the palace.

The palace was very impressive. There were still some valuable works of art hanging on the walls, but I think the main painting, Matejko, Joan of Arc was moved to Poznan. The huge forecourt was fit for a king, and the surrounding park was also worth a look, although, not much remains of its former glory. Still, glad I stopped and booked the tour.

Below is a short video I took during the tour, as well as some pictures I took there.

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