Should I get a golf launch monitor?

Why would I need a launch monitor? I can hardly swing a golf club properly. Well, the Golf Discount Outlet has it on special for $149. I did some research and found that the model they have discounted is the older version. Commonly known as Swing Caddie, SC100. There is a new model, SC200.

I’m not really sure what the differences are, but if I’m to buy something like that I’d rather buy the latest model. The Swing Caddie SC200 is supposed to be quite accurate. It shows the distance in meters or yards, it shows the club speed, the ball speed and the smash factor. It also tells you these stats by voice, so you don’t have to actually look at it every ball you hit.

Swing CaddieThe Swing Caddie 2 also comes with a remote control, so you can change the club used. It’s important to keep the stats accurate. The unit can then compile a report with averages, etc

And that was the main reason I would consider a launch monitor. I want to know exactly what my club lengths are. I want to know what I can get with each individual iron or the driver, for that matter. I can tell with some accuracy what to choose when I hit the ball, but I’m not sure what I can actually shoot, or what my averages were.

I assume PW to be around 110m, 9 iron 125, and with each iron .. about 15m more. It is only an assumption, but I think I’m getting to a stage where this info can actually be important. I was practicing with my 7 iron from the fairway and out of 6 balls i hit, 4 went almost the same distance. I mishit 2, but the others went about 150m, more or less. I’m not sure how far, actually.

I think it would be good to know for sure. I will do more research to see how accurate these golf launch monitors are and will stalk a few shops for a good price. At the moment I can only see one from South Korea on eBay, for 254$. Seems a decent price, compared to some prices I’ve seen in Sydney golf shops, but I’m not yet convinced that this unit will give me accurate enough for my distance.

What I’ve seen on YouTube so far looks more like commercials, rather than actual reviews.

The commercial golf launch monitor used by some golf pros can cost $25,000, I’m not sure that a $250 unit can compete with that machine. I mean, it doesn’t have to be exactly accurate, but if its close to the real distance then I’m sold. I keep watching it. I like the idea of a golf launch monitor.

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