Which golf wedges should I buy?

I decided to buy myself new golf clubs. I am pretty much sure, that as long as I can walk, I shall walk and hit a white ball every now and then. So, getting nice clubs and good clubs will help in my journey to become a scratch golfer.

I want to replace my entire set, eventually, but I want to do it in stages. No point for me to jump into a new set, while I’m still working on my swing. the irons that I have, and the driver will do for the time being. I want to improve my short game first and I decided to buy myself a couple of wedges.

Which ones? Well, it was a process and a half to decide what wedges I want. It took me a long time and many hours watching reviews and examples before I made my decision.

The hardest thing was actually which lofts to choose than which brand. I am a photographer and I often get a question from an enthusiast. Someone who knows quite a bit about photography and photography gear. Which lens should I buy? My answer is usually: Buy the best lens there is in that focal length. A lens that is used by professional photographers to achieve magnificent results. Why? Because when you have that lens on your camera and you still take crappy images, you can not blame it on the lens anymore and you start to concentrate on your skills instead.

I heard it a thousand times. If only I had this particular/best lens, my photos would look so much better. I think the same applies to golf equipment. I don’t want to buy a cheap set of wedges, and then wonder if I could actually play better if I’d bought the expensive type. So… I bought the best wedges on the market. Used by most professional golfers.

I bought the Titleist Vokey SM6 in 52 and 58 degree lofts in steel gray.

Titleist Vokey SM6If they are good enough for Jordan Spieth, they should be good enough for me. I bought them in steel gray. They just looked nicer in that color. I am a photographer. The visual aspects of a product are very important.

I have not received them yet. Probably later today. I bought them at my golf club. Actually, searched the internet for the best deals. Even went to the big golf mart which had them on special. But my golf club had them the cheapest. Who would have thought. I will probably buy my clubs there too, and my driver. I may even get properly fitted. It’s jut that they don’t have the clubs that I’m most keen to get (this week)… Will see…

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