Getting ready for my first golf competition

I think I’m ready to step up and be judged; ridiculed or encouraged, depending on my performance. Had a chat with the pro and he’s happy to put me in this Saturday at 11am to get my first competition score card. I need 3 official scores to get a proper handicap.

One of the goals I had before joining a club was to get a golf-link account and an official handicap. This will be a perfect opportunity and I think the time is right as well. I’ve been trying to keep score, but I’m always tempted to practice with more than one ball, which kind of invalidates my real score.

Today I was even advised about the club rules of using no more than 2 balls while playing the course. The pro drove from his shop to the second green where I was chipping to have a chat with me. Apparently some old geezer reported me because I had quite a few balls on the green. Maybe he was just envious … because they were shot from about 170m. I was quite happy with the result.

Actually, more than happy. There was so much glare, that I could not see the balls as they land; I could only feel that they had the right distance. It turned out that 6 were on the green and only 1 was a mishit. I had to use the 58 to get it on the green.

I think I’m ready to play a proper game and get more experience actually competing. I’ll still practice every day and do my drills plus a golf range every couple of weeks, but I got a little excited thinking about the competition.

My swing is nowhere near where I want it to be, and where it WILL be in a few months time, but I like competition, as long as I am somewhat competitive, and not a complete loser.

If I don’t have a shooting job on Saturday I will go to play. It’s $20 and maybe I’ll share a buggy, so that I don’t feel anxious walking up these hills. $35 all up.

I don’t think I will use the driver. I had another try this morning and I froze up yet again. I try so hard to hit it, I always mess it up. The 4 hybrid will be my longest club, but on our course, it should get me to within a PW on almost every hole, apart from maybe the 17th.
Looking forward to it now. Maybe hit the range tomorrow to check my yardage. I still just hit whatever club I think will do. I think I can start being a bit more precise now. 🙂

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