I am not buying new golf clubs

Decided. I’m not getting new golf clubs. I actually lost interest in that topic. Months ago I bookmarked a few good golf club internet shops and I used to check the prices almost daily. Just after Christmas when they had a sale I almost bought a set of irons. I had my eyes on set of Wilson Staff forged tour irons, but luckily I stopped myself.

Luckily, because I am not ready for new golf clubs. The irons are not the issue. My clubs, while a few years old still work. It’s me who is still struggling with the shots.

Interestingly, I was really keen on a new set when I was shooting all over the place. Absolutely no consistency and no repeatable swing. I guess my mind was trying to convince me that to improve my game I needed a new set of irons. It almost worked, was it not for the fact that I’m on a much tighter budget now.

A few years ago, I would have bought the clubs without blinking. Now, I blink. It’s an incredible feeling to deny myself stuff that I really don’t need. That sounds weird, but I used to buy new things without thinking whether I actually needed it, or how much it cost. Within reason of course. This is not for golf, but I remember that I would buy little things for photography, and when they finally arrived, I would not even open the package. I was over it already; lost interest. I think this may be some sort of mental disorder. Now, I consider myself cured from that. I waste no  more money.

One day

But back to the clubs. It is not that I am forcing myself to not buy the irons, I lost interest in the purchase. I am at a stage that I understand that new equipment will not improve my golf. That realisation came to me when I finally started making progress in my swing. I realised that while I was getting better I am still very bad and no new clubs will change that.

I go to that website now and then, but I have no desire to buy. One day I saw a huge drop in prices. A set of Titleist blades for $650 delivered. They looked so nice… One day…

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