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Great round of golf to welcome new year

The golf course was completely abandoned today. I thought it was closed, but apparently open, just not popular on January 1st. I spent some time at the nets to practice the “lifting of the head” fix. It worked to some degree, but I’m still not 100% consistent.

I’m still hung up on my old lessons, but trying to keep my swing as natural as possible. I’m also trying to make it look like the swing of the pros. I’m almost there, but still so far away. Taped my nets session to analyze. Came home to have a better look an the big screen, and also to just watch a couple of pros doing it right.

I like the swing of Michelle Wie. Well, not just the swing; I think she is one of the prettiest golfers out there. Stunning and a great golfer too. I also checked the swing of Lydia Ko. her swing is a bit less fluid than Michelle’s but still nice.

I went to the club again after lunch. I know. I’m obsessed. I think I can manage to keep my head and body in good posture through the back swing. Then when I stay in posture as I pivot around my spine for a hit, I get amazing results. Straight shots and extremely clean contact. I made a few shots today with 5 and 7 iron that almost made me emotional. I can play this game. With practice and persistence I can actually do it.

I need to keep my mind on the game. Think about the head and body during my swing. I tend to sway from left to right as well, I noticed. So, must concentrate on keeping the posture. Think about the target, not the ball.

Here is the picture of the fifth hole. It’s a short par 4, but I only played 5 and 7 iron today, and the 60. Notice 3 balls close to the hole and on the green. That’s 3 balls waiting for a birdie putt. That’s when I got emotional.. 🙂

Actually, I played that hole with 4 balls. The forth one, unfortunately ended up in the pond. But 3 birdie chances on 1 hole, that’s pretty special … for me, that is.

3 balls with birdie chances on the 5th

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