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Titleist 718 AP2 irons

What golf irons should I get?

What golf irons should I get? Well, that is a question and a half. I started my search for better irons when I realised that I can hit the ball properly, every now and then. Actually, it was even sooner than that. It was when I realised that…
Titleist Vokey SM6

Which golf wedges should I buy?

I decided to buy myself new golf clubs. I am pretty much sure, that as long as I can walk, I shall walk and hit a white ball every now and then. So, getting nice clubs and good clubs will help in my journey to become a scratch golfer. I want…

Maybe I need to get fitted for new clubs

I keep looking for reasons why I suck so bad at golf. The last one came to me after watching countless YouTube videos about clubs and fitting and how important it is, apparently, to be fitted to the right shaft, club, etc... With new found…