Maybe I need to get fitted for new clubs

I keep looking for reasons why I suck so bad at golf. The last one came to me after watching countless YouTube videos about clubs and fitting and how important it is, apparently, to be fitted to the right shaft, club, etc…

With new found enthusiasm I drove across town to a golf shop that also has a fitting facility. I like golf stores, I’m like a kid in a toy store. Immediately think that I need the forth box of Chrome soft balls… I don’t even know why I insisted on Chrome soft balls, as if it makes a difference to my swing. They all end up in the little duck pond on the right side of the first hole.

Anyway, I spent maybe an hour just walking around, holding new clubs, checking the prices, checking the fitting facility. Eventually I went to one of the pro’s there to ask.

I said, I’ve been seriously practicing golf for more than 2 months now, but I’m not seeing much improvement in my game. Perhaps I need to get my clubs fitted, get a new driver, new irons… He said… Hm… we can certainly arrange for club fitting for you, but if your swing is inconsistent maybe it will be better to develop a repeatable swing, then fit clubs that will be best suited to that swing.

I told him that my driver is a really old stick I bought from a golf clearance outlet and it was really cheap. Maybe if I buy the new Callaway Epic, my driving will improve. I could see a smirk on his face; I think he must have heard that question about 75 times that day. He was, however polite in telling me that in 99% of the cases, if a golfer can’t hit the ball it is not the club. Or the ball.

They had the Epic on special for $529 or something, but I just realised that I just need to practice more before I invest so much money in a new toy. I did, however do a little test at my next lesson. I asked my coach to hit the ball with my driver. I wanted to see if it was defective or not.

I’m the one who’s defective!

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