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Is golf really that hard?

OK, it’s official. I suck at golf. Not only that, I suck at learning golf.

Had a few lessons from a golf pro and I have to say, I don’t think I’m built for golf. No matter what I do, I can’t hit the ball consistently. Sure I can hit one or 2 per bucket, but it’s not enough. I’m paying 25$ a bucket to hit 2 good balls. I don’t think its a fair price for that.

My golf pro found at least a dozen of defects with my swing and promised to address them slowly with each lesson. My stance is bad, my back swing is bad, I lift my left knee, apparently it’s bad too, and I don’t even know I’m doing it. Then I’m hitting over the top, which results in many slices and sometimes misses.

Golf Lessons on driving rangeWhen I approach the ball, about 49 different thoughts rush through my head. Points he made about my swing that I need to remember and practice. But I always seem to forget a few. It’s either the left knee goes up, or I lift my head. How can I remember all these steps. How can good golfers remember all these steps. My head would explode it I needed to go over this list every time I want to hit the ball.

I’m thinking of giving up. I’m really good at other sports, but this is beyond me. The pro keeps video taping my swing, and over the last few weeks, I have not seen much improvements. Then he shows me someone like Dustin Johnson on split screen and I can only despair.

Maybe I just hit a few buckets only remembering the left knee. Then when I fix that defect, I tackle lifting my head. Then a few buckets of balls trying to correct the “over the top” swing. It will cost me a fortune to learn golf. I knew it was an expensive hobby, but come on. That’s like 500$ a month for balls and lessons.

I’m searching the YouTube world to see if I can find some free drills I can do without balls and practice in my living room. Save a little.

The worst thing is, that I am actually getting hooked on the game. Not like I’m hooked on coffee, but still. I really like it when I make a few nice hits in a round. And facing a birdie putt, even on an easy golf course, is still really, really good. I’m not giving up yet…

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