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My new Wilson lob wedge

I paid 17 times more for my new Titleist Vokey SM6 wedges than my Wilson lob wedge. I’m no expert, but I don’t think they play 17 times better. In fact, I don’t think they play any better at all. I hit as many crappy shots with the new Vokey as I do with this old beat up Wilson wedge.

I’m not regretting buying the Vokey’s because I know myself. I would always wonder if my game would be better had I bought the best wedges there were. Now, I can do a fair comparison and come to my own conclusions. 

Wilson golf wedge

My new $10 wedge

I don’t even know how old this wedge is; it looks very old. The thing is, the groves are still very good. I gave it a bit of a clean and it looks nice. Makes me feel like an old pro who’s attached to his favorite wedge from the times long gone. It’s a Wilson harmonized 60deg lob wedge.

I did about an hour of chipping with it on the practice green, before I melted in the 40 deg sun. I didn’t do very well, I have to say. Chipping from just off the green is not bad. Controlled it quite well and got my ball within 3 feet from the hole. When I set the balls about 15 m from the green, I failed. I think for a 60deg wedge, this may be too far to chip. I came short almost every single time. Not much, but I could not get to the green.

It was a good exercise, tho. I need to know what this loft is capable of. I know that with a full swing I should get about 50-60 meters, but controlling the flight on a shorter distance is still a bit difficult for me.

I am more and more inclined to get a launch monitor and calculate my iron distances properly. I am almost ready to do a proper golf round with scoring, but I’d like to know what my irons are capable of. In my hands, that is.

I am so glad I bought this Wilson lob wedge. I am slowly getting the feel of it. I had a look in the second hand club basket today, but they didn’t have anything good.

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