What golf irons should I get?

What golf irons should I get? Well, that is a question and a half.

I started my search for better irons when I realised that I can hit the ball properly, every now and then. Actually, it was even sooner than that. It was when I realised that I will always play golf. For as long as I can walk. I’m hooked. I know that I can learn to play it properly, and even competitively. Not that I want to enter tournaments, just shooting a golf course around par. I will be happy with that, and I think it’s achievable.

I want good equipment because it makes me happy. At this stage the equipment doesn’t matter that much, I’m still hopeless, but I am much less hopeless than I was a month ago. 🙂 I have a set of irons but they were never really good, even when I bought them a few years back. I have 5-SW in Callaway RazrX, a Callaway 4 hybrid and Icon, 10.5 Deg driver. Also, I have those 2 new wedges that I bought, 52 and 58 from Titleist.

I want irons that I can play when I play off scratch, but those that I can still hit decently while I’m getting there. There are so many options out there, it’s great and it’s painful at the same time.

I looked at so many YouTube iron reviews, then I asked google “What golf irons should I get”. Armed with reasonable and popular answers I narrowed the search down to just a few and these particular must haves:

  • They need to be forged
  • They need to be player’s irons, but with some forgiveness
  • They need to have good spin to control the distance
  • They need to have classic lofts
  • They need to be good looking

The last must-have is not last because it’s the least important. I am ashamed to admit that the looks of the irons is right on top of the wish list. I know that they have nothing to do with my ability to strike a ball, but I like pretty things. Actually, if I like the look of the irons, maybe I can use them better too. There is so much psychology in golf. (And in golf buying habits)

I have a few contenders that I would like to test.

Titleist AP2 718

Titleist 718 AP2 irons

Titleist AP2 irons

Titleist AP2 are apparently the most popular irons on the PGA tour. I heard it somewhere, and I checked the Titleist website. Quite a lot of players use AP2s. Some use the last model, the 716. They are forged and the fact that if Jordan Spieth can win majors using them, maybe they are good enough for me too.

They also look fantastic. Really beautiful finish, simple look with very minimal offset. They are not blades, so can’t expect that classic beautiful curves, but I need a bit of help, and I will continue to need a bit of help, so the butter-knife blades are out of the question. Great to look at, but hard to play with.

Wilson Staff Pro Tour V6

wilson staff fg tour v6 irons

Wilson Staff V6 irons

Not the most popular brand on the market, but they do have an illustrious history, having won most majors. Not recently tho. However, these irons are supposed to be pretty special. Again forged, classic lofts, plenty of spin, great looking and about 400$ cheaper than Titleist

I have looked at Mizuno who are famous for their forged irons, in particular the JPX900 Forged. I looked at Tailor Made P770. But they don’t look as good as Titleist. I considered the Ping i200, but they are not forged, so maybe I pass.

My golf club has the Titleist 716 AP2, which I can borrow for a round to see what they feel like. And from what I can tell, I am sort of leaning towards these irons. Still keeping the Wilson Staff V6 as a contender. Apparently as good as Titleist, but much cheaper, and I do like the look of them.

I think I will get them with stiffer shafts than my current set. But that I will decide later

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