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I became a member of a golf club

I joined a golf club. I thought, I was going to play almost every day, might as well save myself some money.

Even when I play the twilight round it is still around 25$ a round. That is OK if I play 4 times a year, however I am planning to play a lot more. Say 5 times a week at 25$, multiply by 52, comes to  $6500, and that is not cheap.

I remembered driving past a golf club in my neighborhood, where I saw a note on the fence. Join our golf club for less than a cup of coffee a day. Something like $2.30 a day. I thought, that is much less than $25 and I can play any time and as much as I want, because the membership fee includes green fees for any day outside Saturday morning, when they have their club championships. What was good about this deal was also that I could just pay pro-rata for the remainder of the season and for around $400, I became a member of a golf club until the end of April next year.

Bexley golf club sydney

Bexley Golf Club

It’s the Bexley Golf Club. 18 hole, par 64 golf course south east from the city. It has no par 5s there, but at my stage of golf development, I think I can live with that. I just need a place where I can hit the balls for free any time I want.

This club is actually very well kept. Very nice greens and fairways. It may not be the most challenging, but its plenty challenging for me.

I did my first round there and I even kept the score card almost up to the last hole. I just got really disappointed with my game. I spent over 500$ on lessons, and learned absolutely nothing. I was shooting at least 2 over par for every hole on that golf course. That’s about 40 over par. I shot over 100 on a par 64 golf course. Not happy. I even stopped keeping score after the short par 3 14th. It was only 105m but I could not hit the ball. Tried a few balls and none landed on the green.

I can’t be certain what the score was, but if I say 40 over par, it would be close to the truth. I guess it’s a benchmark. Should not be too hard to break that record. 🙂 So there I go. My official first golf score was 40 over par.

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