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6 out of 10 with 52 wedge

I practiced all day today. Well, not all day, but a few hours. Had to do my daily 10,000 steps. Actually did quite a few more than that. Stayed on the first 5 holes mainly and practiced my swing.

I’m still struggling with this smooth swing with a whip. I love it when I get it, but I’m not getting it all the time. I do know what it feels like when I get it, so analyzing and correcting my swing is now possible without watching it on video.

The 4th hole has a right to left slope, quite steep. It’s not my favorite hole. In fact there are only a couple of holes that I like on this golf course, and I usually stick to them when there is no one around. This 4th I decided to practice my 52 wedge. Set up around 80m from the green with 10 balls.

6 out of 10 balls very close together and very close to the pin

The other 4 balls ended up close to the green but not on it and I consider them bad. 2 were just short and 2 were pin high but to the right. All 4 were mishits, but they were not a complete disasters like I used to mishit the golf balls.

I don’t bother with putting at the moment. Not that interested in short game until I perfect my swing. I have to say, the last couple of hours today were really encouraging. I felt great. I can now see that I can get good at it. I watch YouTube and see vlogs from a golf course. My shots are not worse than these guys, and they are golf pros, and I’m just an amateur with barely 6 months of golf practice.

I tried to work out how to edit my old golf swing videos. I’m using DaVinci Resolve 14 to edit. It’s supposed to be a great application, and it looks like it can do anything. But its not easy to start. Need to watch more videos on that to get better. I chose Resolve because it’s as powerful as the Adobe program, but it’s free. And free works for me.

I collected all my old swing videos. My first swing was really bad. Especially when watched in slow motion. Embarrassment. I should get them on YouTube soon. So I can easily view them and cringe. 🙂

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