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My golf swing evolution – 2017-09

First ever recording of my golf swing. I decided to put it on YouTube for easy access.

This was taken about 4 months ago. This is a swing that I had before I decided to get a bit more serious about golf. I can see how bad it was, although back then I didn’t know what was wrong with it. The only thing I knew was that it didn’t look like the swing of golf players on TV.

I managed to hit a ball in the desired direction every now and then, but it was more lucky than deliberate. I enjoyed playing golf even then, so decided to invest some time in learning how to play it properly. I’m still in the process of learning, but I know that i’m infinitely better than I was 4 months ago and that is encouraging.

Perhaps the most encouraging thing I see in my swing now is that I feel like I can actually learn it enough to play properly. Maybe not 10 under, but around par would be nice and hopefully achievable.

This video is a benchmark of sorts. This is how I started.



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