Proper golf swing sequence

Here is a proper golf swing sequence we must follow to achieve a swing that is just like the swing of a PGA professional golfer. You must remember all these steps in order to achieve a great golf swing.

  1. Shift weight to the leading leg
  2. Shallow down the club
  3. Rotate the hips
  4. Keep the lag as long as you can
  5. Take a divot in front of the ball
  6. Rotate the body 90 deg to face the target

What a bunch of BS. Complete nonsense. If you believe and follow this advice here is another great advice on how to walk.

  1. Shift your weight to the left leg 70%
  2. Lift your right heel and bend your right toes and your right knee 30 deg
  3. Shift your weight to your left leg 100%
  4. Lift your right leg 1 foot off the ground and shift your weight forward….
  5. … and so forth …

Complete and utter garbage. These golf instructions peddled everywhere, including your typical local golf pro will never teach us golf. They can be used by a computer programmer to create a golf swing machine, but they are not meant to teach a human.

I am determined to learn golf which I can play when I’m older, but I will never take another lesson from these golf coaches. Waste of my time, money and most importantly, learning things that only harm our golf swing. Scrutinize our swing with their iPads, criticizing every angle and every move. HIT the ball, but not like you would hit an object on the ground. The golf ball is different. You don’t hit the ball like everything else. Golf ball is special.

Book 10 lessons with me and I will slowly explain to you how you can hit a golf ball. I will teach you step by step, inch by inch how to lift your club, how to rotate your body, how to hit the ball the unique and special way. And in a year you will have a swing that looks like a swing of a robot and only ever works on the golf range, because on the golf course you have the ball in different positions.

I watched Jack Nicklaus and Gary Player on YouTube yesterday and I analysed their swing in slow motion. It was as beautiful as it was simple. How lucky they were learning golf from people who knew what golf was about, rather than from a useless golf pro with an inflated ego and an iPad.

They used the clubs to send the ball to the target. That’s all they did. And that’s all a golf swing is. But if they teach us that, and everyone could play after just 1 lesson, the golf pros and especially the golf YouTubers would have to find a real job. We can’t have that.. 🙂

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