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Canon to fujifilm x mount adapter
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Canon to Fujifilm X-mount adapter

Fujifilm doesn't have big glass. I think that's pretty much common knowledge, cited often as a "deal breaker" by Canon or Nikon users. I think its a very fair criticism and as usual, the harshest critics are those shooting with kit lenses, but…
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Camellia gardens

It pays to network, I have to admit. I had a chat with a hair and makeup artist I worked with on a beauty shoot we did a couple of weeks ago, and we got on a topic of shooting locations. I am always on a lookout for those, as shooting at…
Fujifilm X-t2
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Disable Shutter Speed Dial on X-T2

I find it a little annoying that the shutter speed gets bumped almost every time I shoot. The back dial is so soft, that it's very easy to change the shutter speed without realising it. The main value is set on the top dial, which can be locked,…
Fujifilm x-t2
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Does the X-T2 need a touch screen?

I've seen comments on you tube complaining about the fact that the Fujifilm X-t2 has no touch screen. Some of these comments are very critical to the extent that people reject the camera outright because of lack of touch screen. I'm beginning…
Flash Metz M400 for Fujifilm

Metz mecablitz M400

So there are options for a flash on a Fuji with TTL, after all. Not yet available, but Metz just announced their new line of flashes at Photokina. They don't have a price yet, but if it's going to be similar to their current models, it should…
Fujifilm X-T2
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Fujifilm X-T2 battery life

Every reviewer out there complains about the poor battery life on a mirrorless camera. I think by now, they should stop comparing it with a DSLR, acknowledge that mirrorless uses much more battery than a DSLR and perhaps just compare  battery…
Fujifilm X-t2
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Auto Iso on Fujifilm X-T2

I saw a comment made by one of the prominent YouTube reviewer about the Fujifilm X-T2 auto Iso options. On a list of Pros and Cons they listed the 3 Auto Iso options as a Con, stating that it was unnecessarily complicated. Hm... Whatever do…
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Fujifilm cashback on X-Pro2 and selected lenses

I have to say, I was lucky when 2 weeks ago my online store cancelled my orders and refunded the money citing lack of stock of the X-T2 camera. At the time I ordered all the lenses that I wanted as well, but I cancelled the entire order. How…
Nissin i40 with Fujifilm
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Nissin i40 compatibility issues and first impressions of CameraSky

It's been confirmed by a number of people that TTL no longer works with Nissin i40 and the new X-T2. Fuji most definitely changed their ttl protocol and their best TTL flash, a third party offering no longer works. No word yet if the Meike…