bounce a golf ball on wedge
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Golf by Feel - bouncing a ball on a wedge

Being a cynical person that I am, seeing people bounce a ball on a golf club never really impressed me much. I always thought it was a pointless trick. You can see it everywhere, even Tiger Woods did that at his golf clinic. Any video about…
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I'm lifting my head in the backswing- I may have found a fix

I am not completely against video analysis. In fact I've been recording my progress for a while now. What I don't like is picking apart my swing into the tiniest of parts and trying to find drills to "correct" those one by one. I get it, best…
golf swing practice
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Effortless swing with a whip

It takes a lot of effort for me to produce an effortless swing, let me tell you that. I struggled all afternoon, but in the end I had some success. I was knackered by then, but I will continue with this tomorrow, knowing that the drill works.…