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Vermont – USA – the colours and covered bridges

The state of Vermont, USA is located just south of the Canadian border. We entered USA in Vermont and spent only a day there. We didn’t have a specific destination. Just wanted to see the famous covered bridges for which Vermont is famous for.

We located a handful of the prettiest covered bridges and planned our trip to go past or close to them. It was just a photo opportunity. Our main destination was New Hampshire, but we saw some wonderful scenery in Vermont.

Church in Stowe, Vermont

Our entire trip was planned in such a way as to see as much of the unbeaten track as possible. Sure we wanted to see all the attractions, but seeing rural USA was our choice and it turned out to be a good one. We saw little towns like Elmore or Stowe with incredibly picturesque backdrops. Mountains and a lake, with so much colour in the foliage.

We traveled to USA during Fall, to make sure we see as much colour as we can. Here in Australia, we don’t get to see that at all. First we don’t have these trees, as they are not native to Australia. They were planted here and there but not a great number of them. And second, even when the trees are here, the leaves often just slowly turn brown and fall. There is no yellow or orange or red. Just boring brown. To see nicer colours we’d have to drive hundreds of kilometers to the snowy mountains. And just to see a few trees, it’s not worth it.

Below are some of the beautiful scenerie we saw on our trip in Vermont.

Covered Bridges, Vermont

Station Bridge, Northfield Falls

Covered Bridge - Vermont USA Covered Bridge - Vermont USA

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