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Toronto – blink and you miss it

There are places I want to visit, and there are places I’d like to live in. Toronto is the former. What’s not to like about that city. It’s big, but quiet and peaceful. If someone asked me anything that I remember about this town, it would be the Toronto version of the Flatiron building. 

We actually asked one of the locals to tell us anything worth seeing in Toronto, and that is what they pointed us to. There really isn’t anything else worth seeing for a tourist.

It’s not a criticism of the place. An old Chinese curse comes to mind. May you live in interesting times. Or in this case, may you live in interesting city. Full of pesky tourists, attracting all sorts of unsavory characters. Toronto is just quiet and unassuming. I think I could live there, but as a tourist destination, perhaps it does not have enough to offer.

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