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Washington DC – a city of politics and monuments

We never booked anything for our trip. No hotels, motels or airbnbs. And I was happy that we didn’t because we were free to explore as long as we wanted. The only date we had to keep was the departure, everything else was negotiable. That plan already worked to our advantage because we wanted to stay 4 more days in New York City and it was just a matter of extending our stay there. Nothing else was affected.

Throughout our trip we always booked the next place just before we arrived there. I remember driving towards Washington and the internet connection was a bit dodgy, so we got off the highway and parked our car on a busy suburban street. The street looked like one of those places we’ve seen on tv. A place on the wrong side of the tracks. Nothing happened, we were not harassed, probably not even noticed, but in our mind we felt doomed. We didn’t get out of the car, we just quickly found a place to stay the night and drove off.

The hotel we found was again not in Washington itself, but in the State of Virginia. Which is just across the river, but the prices were almost half of those in DC. We just needed a bed for 1 night, we didn’t care about quality, but our hotel was actually very nice.

We drove around the city the next day. We gave ourselves 2 days to see everything, but really, there was not that much to see. We did a tour of the monuments, went to see the White House. The Capital Hill. Had something to eat at the markets and that was pretty much it. Our next stop was Niagra Falls, and we could not wait to see it.

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