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I’ve been doing boudoir photography for a few years now. Initially, it was meant to supplement my wedding and family photography jobs, but recently it became the main job rather than a side job. I still do family photography, but that type of photography has become oversaturated with photographers of all skill levels. This has pushed the prices down to a level that a professional photographer just doesn’t want to compete in. I have simply no desire to work, what is usually about 8 hours in total, for a price starting at $59. That’s insanity.

As for wedding photography, I stopped accepting assignments before I travelled to Asia, over a year ago. And there is no chance of me doing it again, as I sold all my wedding photography gear. I think I did that intentionally, just to make this decision final. I liked shooting weddings, but the hours are horrific, and also, competition was fierce. People were accepting a 16 hour weddings for $500. I guess, I did that too, when I was starting, but now? Impossible. Also, at my age, shooting 16 hours, from about 6am till after midnight is something I dreaded in the last months of my wedding photography career. It’s over now, and I am not missing it.

But going back to boudoir photography. I have a page on my normal website –, but I decided to move the boudoir type of pictures onto it’s own website. I thought, showing family photography with little children and women in lingerie on the same website is not the best idea. I bought a new domain name last year, and I just offer one style of photography there. Boudoir Photography Sydney.


It took a long time for this website to rank well on Google. In fact, it’s still only just on page 2 for some of the keywords, but hopefully, it will get up in search results and I start getting enquiries from this new website. Instead of the old. At that time, I will simply redirect traffic into my new page. I still have to write better copy on the new site. One thing I am not great at is writing. That’s a strange statement coming from a blogger, but I know that I am a much better photographer than a writer.

Boudoir Photography HanoiSo this is my little announcement for this month. Boudoir photography has been one of the styles of photography that I have practiced over the last few years, but now it’s getting its own website. About time, I think. Out of all types of photography, portraits, and boudoir I like the most. I simply like the interaction with people. And I like the reaction I get from them when they see themselves looking much better than they ever had. It’s not just women in lingerie, but also anyone doing a portrait shoot. I take online dating photos for Tinder and other websites.

There I get to pose people who often never had a nice picture taken. And it’s a great feeling seeing how much they like the well-posed and well-lit images of themselves. It always gives me a buzz. And I think this is more important than anything in terms of work. Yes, I was getting paid much more as an IT professional, but I enjoy photography much more.

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