More YouTube golf teaching nonsense

I watched a video from one of the top golf YouTubers on the matter of swinging ‘over the top’. This guy is like the YouTube golf royalty. Just signed a big deal with a famous golf club manufacturer, so he’s not just a wannabe youtuber. His explanation was complete nonsense and a waste of my time.

I rarely give a thumbs down on a video, but this one deserved it. I just got angry, because of the obvious click bait title of the video. “cure your over the top swing”. Maybe I was just annoyed with myself that I fell for this BS. He didn’t even explain it himself, he used another “teacher’s” explanation in his video which he concluded with … I could not agree more.

I mean WTF? Agree with what? The other guy just rumbled about the hips, and wrists and quoted some statistics and a lot of technical jargon. He didn’t explain anything. Then the main youtuber continued with an awful, almost condescending tone how we all need more lessons.

Yeah, right. I will need to get 4 lessons to just understand what the hell he was trying to tell me about the over the top swing defect. Good way to get more clients into his golf clinic. I would not take lessons from him even if he paid me. It would screw up the progress I’ve made so far and I’ll go backwards in my swing evolution.

I’m done with these characters.

They are the modern day snake oil salesmen. Peddling nonsense to people who are desperate for some help that would make the game they love more enjoyable. This guy has over 250 thousands subscribers! I am not criticizing his channel’s content. Just his golf lessons and explanations.

He is quite good and seems natural in front of the camera. I watched one of his daily vlogs. It’s quite entertaining in the way it’s edited and delivered, and if I gave a shit what the guy does in his day to day life, maybe I would watch it. But I don’t care about his life. I just wanted a “guru’s” opinion about my swing. He calls himself the guru, I didnt.

The best explanation about the “over the top” issue I’ve seen on YouTube was this.

We are swinging over the top because the target of our swing is the ball. Over the top is the best and the most efficient way to hit the ball. Our own body does it without thinking. Then these “coaches” try to correct it one little detail at a time, at $100 an hour. The target of our swing is a point in the distance we are trying to send the ball to. The middle of the fairway, a bit left to the bunker is our target, NOT the ball.

Why all the good golfers go behind the ball and look into the distance. They are checking where to send the ball to. They are imagining the target of their swing. Only 1 YouTube golf coach has ever said that. I learned most of what I know from this YouTuber. Still working on it. Need to get reasonably good at golf while I can still move my body well enough, so that I can play golf it when i’m old.

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