golf swing practice
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Effortless swing with a whip

It takes a lot of effort for me to produce an effortless swing, let me tell you that. I struggled all afternoon, but in the end I had some success. I was knackered by then, but I will continue with this tomorrow, knowing that the drill works.…
titleist vokey golf wedges vm6
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My new golf wedges arrived

I don't think for a minute that they made a huge difference in my shots. I am still so inconsistent in my swing that any type of improvement can't actually be measured. I am enjoying hitting them, and that is a good thing. They are new and…

I will teach myself golf

Why will I teach myself golf? Because the coaches I know don't teach golf. They use track monitors and high speed cameras to find faults in our swing, but no one actually teaches how to swing. I have a good idea what the swing is supposed…
Swing Caddie

Should I get a golf launch monitor?

Why would I need a launch monitor? I can hardly swing a golf club properly. Well, the Golf Discount Outlet has it on special for $149. I did some research and found that the model they have discounted is the older version. Commonly known as…
Titleist Vokey SM6

Which golf wedges should I buy?

I decided to buy myself new golf clubs. I am pretty much sure, that as long as I can walk, I shall walk and hit a white ball every now and then. So, getting nice clubs and good clubs will help in my journey to become a scratch golfer. I want…
Perfect golf swing
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How to swing a golf club

Why is a golf swing hard? Actually, I don't think it is. I'm not saying that I am a great golfer just because I know how to swing, but I know what a good swing is supposed to feel like and I'm working to perfect it. Same as with any other…

What is my golf handicap

What a weird question. Is there a badminton handicap, or tennis? Maybe there are, I just never heard of them and they would certainly not be as commonly used terms as a golf handicap. It's like asking, how defective are you when you play…
Bexley golf club sydney
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I became a member of a golf club

I joined a golf club. I thought, I was going to play almost every day, might as well save myself some money. Even when I play the twilight round it is still around 25$ a round. That is OK if I play 4 times a year, however I am planning to…
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Improving my golf swing - throwing the club

When I was searching for answers on the internet as to what my swing is supposed to feel like, I came across a drill by my favorite YouTube golf instructor. The drill was to simply throw the club. Practically, swinging the club, but instead…