Invite a guest to play the Masters at Augusta

It's one of the perks of playing this year's Masters championship, or being one of the former champions. On a Sunday before the championship starts you can bring a guest to play the Augusta course. I can only imagine the thrill they would…
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US Masters - test of my commitment to golf

The US Masters 2018 are on this week. Only 3 days to go. I will use it as a simple test of my commitment to the game of golf. Well,  it's not really a test of my commitment to the game itself, but rather to the idea of watching others play…

I am not buying new golf clubs

Decided. I'm not getting new golf clubs. I actually lost interest in that topic. Months ago I bookmarked a few good golf club internet shops and I used to check the prices almost daily. Just after Christmas when they had a sale I almost bought…
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Golf swing practice at the nets

There is a point to practicing a golf swing at the nets if I know exactly what I'm practicing and what I'm trying to achieve. There is no point just going there to smack a few dozen balls into the net. It may be good for my cardio, but makes…

Frustration with golf

I think everyone that is trying to learn this game follows s similar path. A path filled with excitement, frustration, happiness and anger. I spoke with a fellow member in our club. Someone I see often practicing at the nets with me. His story…
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Focus on the target - not on the ball

I hit the best shots when I'm concentrating on the actual target somewhere on the fairway or the flag. It is not something that comes easily to me. I have to make a conscious effort to see the flag in the distance when I'm lifting the club.…
Learn golf later in life
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Learn to play golf later in life

I decided to learn to play golf later in life. For a person over 40, there are very few options left as far as sports to consider learning. I love tennis and badminton, but these are a young man's sports. I mean I can still play them but I am…

Getting ready for my first golf competition

I think I'm ready to step up and be judged; ridiculed or encouraged, depending on my performance. Had a chat with the pro and he's happy to put me in this Saturday at 11am to get my first competition score card. I need 3 official scores to get…
golf swing over-rotation
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Swing over-rotating and hips rotation

I am over-rotating my swing. I kept looking at my swing trying to work out what the hell am I doing wrong. Finally worked out that I'm turning my hips way too much. I think for that kind of stuff a visit to a golf pro would be more economical…