US Masters – test of my commitment to golf

The US Masters 2018 are on this week. Only 3 days to go. I will use it as a simple test of my commitment to the game of golf. Well,  it’s not really a test of my commitment to the game itself, but rather to the idea of watching others play it. Our chanel 9 is broadcasting the event live every day starting at 5am and until 9am.

I am not sure if I can do a 5am start and I’m not sure if I care too much who will win. I was never really a sports spectator. In any sport that I liked, I always preferred to play badly than watch other people play well. Golf is no exception. However, I do enjoy watching the best do their stuff as there is always a chance to possibly learn a few things from them.

There will be a recap of the days activities on YouTube later, but they condense a 4 hour event into a 3 minute clip. No chance to learn anything from that. I would like to see more than just the shots and putts of the good players. I want to see their shot preparation routine. Work out what they do to get themselves ready for a hit.

Bubba Watson with his famous Ping driver

Apparently there are 15 players that have a very good chance at winning, according to the bookies. That is a magnificent field and will definitely be exciting. I actually want to see more of what Bubba Watson does on the course. There is so little footage of him playing and I really like his swing. Probably the most natural swing in the game today. Almost everyone else has this very mechanical golf swing. I’m not too keen on that. I’m learning to play by feel, rather than by following steps and angles and sequences promoted by most golf pros and golf YouTubers.

I’ll set my alarm for Friday morning, 5am, to watch the start of The Masters. I think I will decide then if I want to watch the other days. I may switch on Monday morning to watch the actual final, that will most likely be worthwhile. Plus I don’t have to start at 5; it goes until 9am, and 7am I’m usually up anyway.

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