Golf By Feel – My method to learn golf

I am having great results with this new method I’m developing. I rejected the standard golf pro approach to teaching golf a couple of months ago. Since then I’m practicing on my own, learning golf the same way I learned tennis, table tennis, badminton. Golf by feel I call it.

To me, the standard lessons with a golf pro never made any sense. They required me to remember a few dozen steps, sequences and angles to hit the ball straight. They say, over the coming years, if I practice by hitting thousands of balls a week, my body will remember the steps … muscle memory they call it. What utter nonsense!

What that method is trying to produce is a perfect swing with all the angles done properly, body shifts done the right way, etc… all this in order to swing the club, which in turn somewhere at the bottom of the swing will meet the ball and hit it properly. Crock!

So I’m learning this perfect swing on the driving range mat. Then I try to do it on a golf course and it doesn’t work, because on the golf course there is no mats. It’s a ground, and it’s never even. And all the perfect angles they teach need to be reprogrammed for a different slope. It’s madness.

play golf by feel

Bubba Watson plays golf by feel. Never had a lesson

No wonder golf as a sport is losing popularity. It is made to be so difficult, nobody wants to spend 20 years learning it. And the thing is, it is NOT that difficult.

I went to the basics, which no pro that I know teaches. To use the club in my hands to smack the ball forward. Use the club just like I’d use a tennis racquet. And no, it’s not simple, but it’s not that difficult. Our brain processes this task exceptionally well. I still hit bad balls, sure, but my swing is natural and I am improving every day.

No way I would spend 20 years learning this sport. That’s silly. I’ve been teaching myself golf about 8 months now, and I’m very happy with the results.

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