Cheap golf courses in Sydney

Current favorite golf course – June 2020

(Update – 2021-01) They increased the prices for twilight golf. It’s now $27 a round with a buggy, still pretty good value.

I got a round of golf with a motorized buggy for $25. Twilight price but from 1 pm, there is plenty of time to finish the round.

This golf course is similar to Hurstville in terms of difficulty. I like it more now because it’s closer to my house. Only a few minutes drive. I like the second hole, par 3 220m. I don’t actually have a club to hit that distance. I have a driver and then a 24deg rescue… which only gets me about 180m, on a good day 🙂 I hit a very easy driver there, but I don’t think I ever got on the green in regulation.

A quick update on that hole! After I bought 3 new clubs off GumTree. I remember, I was behind a 4 people group and they let me tee off first. I don’t like people watching me play, but this time… was different. I used a 3 rescue club to hit on the green only a couple of meters from the pin. People watching clapped and congratulated me. I thanked them and pretended like it happens all the time… He he… inside I was bursting … 🙂

My challenge is hole 3 – 265m par4. I got to about 10m off the green but never drove my ball onto the green. The green is elevated by about 10m, so it’s difficult for me to drive that far. One day… one day…

The 16th is tricky. It has a little creek running across it. A driver will carry over and my 24deg rescue gets me to about 5m before the creek and leaves me with another shot with the same club. The next hole is a 78m par3. That one goes along the creek. If you hit the ball left, into the creek, just leave it there, don’t go down unless you’re brave. Snakes and lizards!!!


Current favorite golf course – Jan 2020

They charge only $12 for twilight golf.

The golf course itself is quite well maintained. I like it. Maybe not the most demanding but who cares… I just need to walk for a few hours. They have a nice hole #4, a par 3 which goes over a nice pond and it’s elevated by at least 10m. I lost a few balls in that pond, but when I land on the green, it feels good. I remember it well because once 3 of us single players joined in a group and we were also called in from the group in front of us to hit. 7 people watching… pressure on… I hit a 6iron on the green and within 4 feet. One does not forget shots like that.

Another nice hole is the second, also a par 3 … this time the green is about 40m below the tea.

I’m on a budget now, so finding cheap golf courses in Sydney is not driven simply by curiosity, but rather a necessity. It will be interesting to see what I can get for just a few bucks. I watched a couple of YouTube videos and found out that apparently, it is possible to play a round of golf in England for just a few quid. I’m guessing that it was winter pricing, but still. With our current exchange rate, that’s about $10 AUD. Surely that could not be done in Sydney. As it turned out, it couldn’t.

I live very close to a public golf course run by our council. It’s 18 holes, but barely 2.5km in length. The shortest par 3 is 73m and the longest par 4 is 240m. Even this golf course is not cheap; It’s $25. It’s a good golf course to build up my ego,  as the only challenge there is a big tree in the middle of the par 3, 17th. However, it is nowhere near the $10 mark, and honestly not worth the $25 they demand.

I know now that finding anything for $10 is not going to be possible, but I managed to find a few cheap golf course options that come close to that mark and I will be exploring them over the next few months.

Twilight golf

This is the cheapest golf course playing option that I could find. Many golf courses offer great discounts on their green fees after their members played their rounds. Usually after 2 or 3 pm. In summer, with the sunset at around 8 pm, there is plenty of time to finish a round of golf. Prices for twilight golf range from $13 to $20, for most courses that offer that. I found a few that are close to my area that I will be exploring soon. These are all within 30 min drive and I list them in no particular order.

Rosnay Golf Club

Georges River Golf Course and driving range

Woolooware Golf Club

Beverley Park Golf Course

Carnarvon Golf Club

Sefton Golf Course

Canterbury Public Golf Course

Marrickville Golf Sporting & Community Club

Hurstville Golf Club

These are not bad looking golf courses. At least according to their websites; and the regular prices are around 30-50$ for a round. One of them is 9 hole only, but according to some reviews, it’s a very well kept course. Also, the twilight deal means playing as much as I want for around $15. If I squeeze 2 rounds before dark, that’s a bonus. With my current fitness level, that is not going to happen.

I found some cheap golf rounds on Groupon, but not many. I have however bookmarked a website with some very nice and cheap golf course offers with discounts at around 50%. The website is called Crazy Golf Deals and has dozens of cheap deals especially for those playing with a partner.

The cheapest golf course deal there is a $29 for 2 with a drink in Fairfield. $49 will buy a round of golf for 2 with a cart. I will certainly be exploring these cheap golfing options early next year. They also have cheap golf holidays and some gear as well, but I’m only really interested in finding the cheapest golf course to play a decent round.

I am not really recommending these golf courses as yet. I just compiled a list for myself and I’m planning to visit them over the next few weeks. Then I’ll be able to form an opinion. But, just the fact that I’ll be paying around 15$ to play a round of golf sounds reasonable enough. How bad can these courses be? I will take some pictures and post my findings here.

There is a $13 deal on Hurstville Golf Club now that I’ve been using. It’s a bit of a drive from my home, but $13 after 4pm is a pretty good deal. I don’t think I’ve done 18 holes there yet as they close the main gate at 6:30, but I get 2.5 hours of solid exercise for a few dollars. That’s enough for me. I normally get to hole 7 and 8 and play them until it’s time to go home. They are both log par 4 and really good to practice on.

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