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Wilson golf wedge
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My new Wilson lob wedge

I paid 17 times more for my new Titleist Vokey SM6 wedges than my Wilson lob wedge. I'm no expert, but I don't think they play 17 times better. In fact, I don't think they play any better at all. I hit as many crappy shots with the new Vokey…
golf pitch fork
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Used a golf pitch fork for the first time – ever

No, I have hit greens before, but I never had to use the pitch fork because my balls never made a pitch mark on the green. The greens at our golf club are really dry. Plus they are in Sydney, so we don't see that much rain here. Today, however…
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Great round of golf to welcome new year

The golf course was completely abandoned today. I thought it was closed, but apparently open, just not popular on January 1st. I spent some time at the nets to practice the "lifting of the head" fix. It worked to some degree, but I'm still not…
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I’m lifting my head in the backswing- I may have found a fix

2021 Update... What I thought a couple of years ago makes perfect sense, but I don't think my lack of flexibility is the main issue here. I got into the habit of videotaping my swing lately and I found that I still lift my head, but something…
Titleist 718 AP2 irons

What golf irons should I get?

What golf irons should I get? Well, that is a question and a half. I started my search for better irons when I realised that I can hit the ball properly, every now and then. Actually, it was even sooner than that. It was when I realised that…
golf swing practice
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Effortless swing with a whip

It takes a lot of effort for me to produce an effortless swing, let me tell you that. I struggled all afternoon, but in the end I had some success. I was knackered by then, but I will continue with this tomorrow, knowing that the drill works.…
titleist vokey golf wedges vm6
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My new golf wedges arrived

I don't think for a minute that they made a huge difference in my shots. I am still so inconsistent in my swing that any type of improvement can't actually be measured. I am enjoying hitting them, and that is a good thing. They are new and…

I will teach myself golf

Why will I teach myself golf? Because the coaches I know don't teach golf. They use track monitors and high speed cameras to find faults in our swing, but no one actually teaches how to swing. I have a good idea what the swing is supposed…
Swing Caddie

Should I get a golf launch monitor?

Why would I need a launch monitor? I can hardly swing a golf club properly. Well, the Golf Discount Outlet has it on special for $149. I did some research and found that the model they have discounted is the older version. Commonly known as…