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Mermaid Pools – Tahmoor

I’m starting to enjoy the walking. I didn’t think I would; it always seemed to me a bit mundane. I guess, walking around a block a few times would be mundane, but add a great location and suddenly the walks make sense. That is what I felt at Mermaid Pools in Tahmoor.

This is not a walk found on Wild Walks website. This one is a bit more off the grid. Located about 70km South West of Sydney; it is only known to the locals and a handful of avid walkers who enjoy a bit of challenge.

Not that the walk is particularly challenging. It’s about 10km, and most of it is on a reasonably flat surface. A couple of moderate climbs, but the rest is either at the water level in the canyon or about 200m above it. The challenge lies, I guess in the fact that it’s not officially maintained, so there are no man-made platforms to walk on and there are no pretty maps and warning signs every few meters.

This walk is not on official maps, but it’s very well marked by other walkers. Brightly colored ribbons hanging from tree branches show the way. Without them, it would be impossible to find the right way, but now that someone did this great community service, this walk can be enjoyed without fear of getting lost.

It took us about 4 hours to walk the circuit, and we had a short break for lunch along the way. These are a few images from the walk.

Unofficial map

These ribbons mark the way. Very helpful

Even signed a visitor’s log book

This looks more dramatic than it actually was

Mermaid Pool

Lunch at the bottom of the canyon. Egg and avocado sandwich

I have NO idea how that got there and what it is

More markings showing the way

Tea in my new thermos and with a stunning view

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