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Hiking to Mount Piddington – Blue Mountains

Mount piddington blue mountains

Another weekend, another hike. I am really enjoying these little trips. This time around it was again in the Blue Mountains – Mount Piddington. Same distance from Sydney, about 90 minutes drive around Blackheath.

The walk to Mount Piddington can be as easy as you want and as hard. Of course, we chose the harder option and got lost at some hairy looking rock foundations on a path barely 1m wide and about 60m drop. At that point, we gave up on that particular trail and went back to the less challenging and more traveled path. Because of our little mishap with the trail, it took us much longer to reach the top of Mount Piddington. About 3 hours.

The usual trail is not very challenging. There are steps, of course, and ladders, if you want to get to the caves, so good walking shoes are a must. I did 76 floors on that day and about 17,000 steps. Just over 13 kilometers. Very happy with it.

This was the hard trail and the “too hard” trail. But there is an easier one. Just drive all the way to the top. Done. 🙂 Walking down to the caves is a matter of 30 min.

We wanted to clock some steps as well as enjoying the views so our trail was more complicated, but if you choose to drive to the top of Mount Piddington, there is a really easy trail to Hourn Point. In my view, the most spectacular lookout of the entire trip. This trail is about 1.2km on a gravel road, so no special equipment is needed and the views from that rock are well worth the treck.

We had lunch at the lookout of Mount Piddington. Enjoying 270Deg views of the Blue Mountains. Having lost our way and endured a bit of stress on the way up, we deserved a bit of rest.

Below are a few images from the treck to Mount Piddington in the village of Mount Victoria in the Blue Mountains.

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