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Walls Lookout mountain track

Not far from Mount Banks there is a little walking track that is not to be missed if you’re in the area. Walls Lookout Walking Track. It is a few kilometers down the road from the Mount Banks track and it is about 1.2km one way.

Walls Lookout track is not very demanding, but a good pair of shoes is recommended. It is not maintained, so there will be no walking platforms, but it’s not very hard and we saw families there with kids. There is parking right off the main road; maybe 100m into the dirt road on the left.

We made it to the ledge and back in less than 2 hours and we spent a bit of time at the end of the track to enjoy the view. And the view is simply stunning. Some of the best views in all of Blue Mountains. This is a place well worth a trip from Sydney. It is as beautiful as any lookout in Blue Mountains but without thousands of tourists blocking your view. We met a small group of kids at the end of the track, but soon there was no one else around.

We walked that track after we’ve been to the top of Mount Banks. The views from Mount Banks are hard to beat, but I think the Walls Lookout mountain track can hold it’s own. Blue Mountains has so many wonderful places to go for a hike and enjoy the view, it is hard to pick a favorite.

The only thing that messed up our enjoyment was the wind. It was so strong we were too scared to get anywhere near the edge of the cliff, but I probably wouldn’t get close even in good weather. We had our tea at the end of the track and had to walk back. It was just way too cold to stay there. I think in good weather we may go again. Just to enjoy the view and chill.

Here are some images from the Walls Lookout Walking Track.

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