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Blue Mountains – Hiking to Lockley’s Pylon

I wasn’t too keen on driving on another dirt road. I felt sorry for my car. However, to get to the Lockley’s Pylon in the Blue Mountains, it’s the only way. I would not attempt that drive in the wet as the road gets quite steep at times and my car would just slide off it.

That is the only bad thing about this trip. In a way, it is also a good thing because if the road was good, Lockleys Pylon would be as crowded as Katoomba, because the views are just as spectacular.

We got there around midday and most of the parking spots close to the start of the trail were already taken. We must have seen at least 2 dozen people on that trail. It may not sound much, but most of the walks we do are so deserted, we’re lucky, or unlucky, to see anyone.

A good pair of shoes is a must as the trail is not maintained. We walked on rocks, gravel, dirt, so no flip-flops. It also gets a bit steep at times, so a decent level of fitness is recommended. Hm… did I just call myself a person with a decent level of fitness?.. 🙂 Cool. My GearFit recorded 42 floors and 13,000 steps. In all about 10km return.

We were very lucky with the weather. It was crisp but sunny, however, the best thing was the clarity of the air. I didn’t think we could see Sydney from the Blue Mountains, but apparently, we can. We could make out the city, North Sydney, Chatswood towers. We could easily distinguish between individual buildings. I took a photo of it, but with the phone camera that I use on the walks, the city is barely visible.

I think I will be taking my other camera from now on. I didn’t want to carry more gear than necessary on these hikes, but I am much fitter now, and a couple of kilograms more will not make much difference to me.

Here are a few images from our hike in the Blue Mountains to the Lockleys Pylon

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