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Mount Banks Hike

I must have driven past this trail dozens of times. Mount Banks is only a few minutes away from Mount Wilson, where we go almost every year to enjoy the Autumn colors. The drive is easy and it took about 90 minutes to get there.

We parked close to the main road, but there is an actual parking about a kilometer further down. The road is not sealed, tho, and I thought a four wheel drive would be essential. I think a normal car can get to the parking spot on a dry day.

The trail starts from the parking lot and there are 2 options. Follow a dirt road around the mountain on the left, or go straight up on a much steeper path. We chose to go around to the mountain first and then come down the steeper path on the way back. I think that was the best choice.

The best views are on the steeper path and the walk is much easier down than it would have been going up. Not to mention all the views were right in front of us, as we walked down, and not behind us.

I have to say that the Blue Mountains do not get much more spectacular than seeing them from Mount Banks. Simply amazing. And the best part; there were almost no people there. One thing that we didn’t enjoy was the wind. It was howling. It was difficult to stand and I refused to get anywhere near the cliff. I felt that if I spread my arms and jump up, I’d end up a few meters away from the spot. Lucky for us, we came prepared. My new hiking gear worked fantastically. Felt no cold at all. I looked like a mountaineer scaling something in the Alps, but who cares. I was warm and comfortable, and that was all that mattered.

We saw evidence of Aboriginal occupation of this land. Something called Aboriginal grinding groves. We would easily have missed them, were it not for a couple of Locals we met on the trail, who showed them to us. It’s a spot where they sharpened their axes. That spot on Mount Banks had the most spectacular view. Not a bad spot to do your daily chores.

A few images from the trip:

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