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Carrington Falls and Missingham Lookout Trail

This place is about 130km from Sydney. Again, very easy drive all the way, with parking right at the start of the Missingham Lookout trail. It’s also about 100m from the Carrington Falls.

This is a very easy track, almost no hills, and no steps to conquer. There is a trail that goes down all the way to Kangaroo River, but we chose not to bother. It’s very challenging, the information signs say, only for the most experienced and the keenest. I belong to neither category.

Someone claimed that there was very little parking available. We had no issue, but we did go in Winter.

I have proper hiking gear now. Boots and things, but the trail itself had no challenges. In fact, we saw a family walking there and the little boy who could not have been more than 10 years old was walking barefoot.

The whole trail was about 8km return. I think I made about 12,000 steps. We saw the East and the West Missingham Lookout. We also went to the start of the Missingham Steps. That was the challenging part, but instead of walking down, we had lunch on top of this really nice little waterfall. Only maybe 10m drop from there. With no people to disturb the peace; and the sandwich tasted magnificent, as usual.

Here are some images from the Missingham Lookout Trail. I recorded a couple of short video clips as well, may add them later once I put them together and upload to youtube.

AllTrails was again very useful. Here is the Carrington Falls and Missingham Lookout Trail on AllTrails.com

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