We have a cat. No, it’s not our cat. It belongs to our neighbors, but she spends most of her time in our apartment. It’s kind of interesting that the owners let her out of their apartment all the time. I remember first time she jumped to our unit via the balcony, they rushed to our place to look for her. Now, I don’t think she spends much time there at all, and they don’t seem to care.

She is here when I wake up, she is here when I go to sleep, and if I don’t lock my balcony door, she is there in the middle of the night. Sometimes in the corner of my bed.

I am not really an animal person. I mean I love cats or dogs, but I’m practical and I could not own a pet unless I lived in my own house. But I enjoy having her around. She is just the cutest thing. I am getting used to her being with us almost all the time. I think the only time she goes over, back to her owners is to poop. We even bought her some food, because she is so skinny it’s heart-breaking.

I think she likes me. I can’t get rid of her. Where ever I go, there she is. She sits with me on my chair, she sits with me when I’m on the couch. Sometimes she lies down on my desk right in front of me; between me and the laptop. I leave her outside when I go to sleep, then I wake up when she’s banging on the door, jumping up to the door knob trying to open my bedroom door. She is smart. What can I say.

She had a brother, or she has a brother, although we have not seen him in weeks. He was the one who came through our door like it was his place. She was very shy, and only came to the balcony, never walked inside. However after a few days, we noticed that it was her who kept coming back, but her brother stopped. I guess we were not his kind of people. She seems to think that we are hers.. 🙂

Have to make room for her on my chair

Likes to sleep in the guitar case

We have a cat

Watches me work

I’m getting used to her now. I even allow her to sleep in my bedroom, as long as she doesn’t walk all over me and wakes me up. I got woken once by her whiskers. I opened my eyes and she was staring right at me from about 2 inches away. She is cute and everything, but that was bloody frightening. 🙂

Now she is sitting next to me on my chair as I’m writing this. I may think that we have a cat, but it is slowly clear that in fact she has us.

I snapped a few portraits of her when the light was good in the living room.

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