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Pictures are by far the most important part of your online dating profile. And it’s not just for Tinder, where you swipe left or right on pictures that you see. Even more “conservative” online dating websites like eHarmony or Elite Singles recommend getting good professional images. The easiest thing would be to hire a professional […]

I’ve been shooting photos for online dating websites for almost 10 years now. Started when online dating was still taboo among most people. I always relied on my ability to pose people well, to get great results. That, of course, still applies, but I had a customer the other day that may have given me […]


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I softened my golf grip to see what my swing feels like

Only by chance a few weeks ago I noticed something about my golf swing. I realised that I am manipulating the swing into the ball. What I mean is that as I'm swinging, my hands work extra hard to guide the golf club into the ball. This is not…
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Poznan - a walk in the old town - August 2019

Poznan is only about 150km from my Polish home. Not even 2 hours drive, but I have never been there. I remember stepping out onto a train ramp on the way to Warsaw, but never been there purposely. I guess there was never a need for it, and 150km…

Importance of the impact position in golf swing

I am again thankful for all those YouTube golf videos I've watched. They provide a lot more useful tips that all the golf pro lessons ever did. Malaska golf and Shawn Clement are my favorites. They both teach the natural golf, which I follow…
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Golf swing like a tennis swing

I saw a presentation about a golf swing by Mike Malaska a few years ago. He was trying to explain the simplicity of the golf swing. Or rather explain that a golf swing, while not simple is nothing new, and not different in principle from other…
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How I finally understood a golf swing

I have tried to learn golf the "proper" way. By getting a golf coach at a local golf club. Pay them about 100$ an hour to teach me how to swing a golf club. Of course with the current golf teaching method, what he was trying to teach me is how…
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How to rent an apartment in Hanoi for longer stay

When I first landed in Hanoi I had a booking.com hotel booked for 2 weeks. I figured I don't need more time to find an apartment in Hanoi. This turned out to be absolutely true. In fact, I could have had an apartment after only a couple of days,…