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Fujifilm cashback on X-Pro2 and selected lenses

I have to say, I was lucky when 2 weeks ago my online store cancelled my orders and refunded the money citing lack of stock of the X-T2 camera. At the time I ordered all the lenses that I wanted as well, but I cancelled the entire order. How lucky was that? Yesterday I went to DigiDirect and found out that Fujifilm is offering up to $300 cashback on X-Pro2, which I don’t have, but also $100-300 on pretty much every lens they have apart from the new 23mmf2. Here is the link to the Fujifilm cashback offer https://fujifilm.cashback.com.au/109

DigiDirect is a brick and mortar store in Australia. It offers Australian warranty and of course a chance to hold the gear in my hand before I buy it. I buy a lot of things on grey market and I never really had an issue with it, but it kind of feels good to see a local shop that offers competitive prices, good knowledgable staff and proper warranty. What was also good about shopping there yesterday was the fact that they had a 10% off everything this weekend. This made their prices as good if not better than the online grey market offerings.

Another good thing about getting my gear here in Australia is that I can pay with my credit card instead of paypal, and get an additional 1 year warranty on every thing that I get. The additional warranty on all my cameras and lenses would easily have been hundreds of dollars. It’s free and it gives me a little bit more of a piece of mind.

They didn’t have all the lenses available, but they did have the X-T2 and the 10-24mm f4 so I left the shop with these two. I then ordered the rest of the gear online at 10% off and should get them delivered before next weekend. I have to say I’m quite happy with the purchases. I got the X-T2 body, 10-24mm f4 in the shop, then online I ordered the 50-140mm f2.8, 56mm f1.2, 35mm f2, 18-135mm f3.5-5.6 and the battery grip. I have not calculated everything yet, but I’m bound to “save” about $1000 with cashback. It’s kind of weird to talk about “savings” when I just spent so much money, but if I didn’t cancel my previous online purchases, I would have paid full price and not save anything.

I know that I need to get more batteries but the NP-W126S, native to the new X-T2 is not available anywhere, so may have to get a couple of the 126 for XT1, which should be equally good. I browsed the manual, checked all the settings and played with the 10-24mm lens over the last few hours and I’m really happy with them. What I always feared in Fuji cameras is no longer an issue. The AutoFocus. It’s fast. Don’t know if its as fast as my Canon 5DmkIII, or if it’s faster, nor do I really care. It’s fast and I’m happy with the performance. Will setup a couple of shoots next weekend when I get the rest of the lenses. I want to see how it performs in real life shoots; I will be testing the gear with a couple of models from StarNow before I take it to a client shoot. Should be very interesting.

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